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Working with a Builder

You + Us = Team

Let’s be real, the only way to truly build a home for you is to think of you as an important part of the team. Your input and wants are essential parts of the equation.  We take your input, then use our expertise to deliver.

Once the plans are finalized, we do a double-check to make certain that what is proposed does in fact meet all budget constraints so there are no surprises. Or disappointment.

Then, we get to work and you’ll discover that as part of the team, we’ll quickly become friends and all share the same excitement and enthusiasm for completing your project.

Ask Us Anything

Since this may very well be one of the biggest investments of your life, you have to ask questions and understand everything that goes into the project. We want you to inquire about everything – give us input, tell us what you’re thinking, make sure you understand every step. The more you know about what we are doing, the stronger our relationship will be.

  • Review our systems.
  • Go over our billing and accounting systems.
  • Find out how we account for your job costs.
  • Get a firm timeline.
  • Ask for recommendations about interior designers.
  • Make sure you understand every detail in our contract and if you don’t, give us the opportunity to make them crystal clear.

And speaking of contracts, did you know there are two types of contracts—a Cost Plus Contract or a Fixed Price Contract—and there are pros asnd cons to each. If you don’t have a completed set of plans with a set of specifications, you can’t enter into a Fixed Price Contract. A Cost Plus Contract is an open book system where you see the builder’s records of all the costs. A profit percentage, which is agreed upon at the outset, and overhead is applied to the total. A Fixed Price Contract usually has higher margin built into it to protect all our interests.

Of course we could go on and on. But the point is this: the only bad question is the one that never gets asked.

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