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YFI Millworks

Watch the magic happen.

YFI Millworks was started out of the necessity to have a reliable source for quality finish work and cabinetry for the YFI Custom Homes’s projects.

Over the years, YFI Millworks has grown into a skilled entity separate from YFI Custom Homes that can provide clients with finished work as diverse as that used in libraries, kitchens, wine cellars as well as  a wide range of custom-designed  items.

Ours is a dying breed. We have a small artisan shop that has the capabilities to take rough wood, mill it into dimensional lumber, shape it bend it and or carve it into just about anything you may need.

We can develop shop drawings or sketches from your ideas or pictures so feel free to visit us with your concepts and let us translate them into reality.

Sannella Low Res - 25


strive for perfection in everything. take the best that exists and make it better. if it doesn't exist, create it. accept nothing nearly right or good enough.

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