Quality Craftmanship Experience

YFI Millworks

We love working with wood.

You know the phrase “if you want something done right, you do it yourself?.”  Well we live by it.

Because when we want well-crafted, built to last, and made to our high standards cabinetry and woodwork we do it in house at YFI Millworks. Our crafters are skilled woodworkers who know that what they do enhances the value — and beauty — of each home we build. While our finished work may look like old-world crafsmanship, we use the latest technologies to make certain that what we create is the best it can be.
While some may think being a skilled woodworker a dying art, we think just the opposite. And YFI Millworks can craft pretty much anything you can dream of to be used in libraries, kitchens, wine cellars… pretty much anything you want made for your home.

We’ll create the drawings for you, make revisions based on your feedback and then get to work crafting amazing things for you.

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strive for perfection in everything. take the best that exists and make it better. if it doesn't exist, create it. accept nothing nearly right or good enough.

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