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Hope that this note finds you well.

Maddy and I are still out of our minds in the most positive way about the house you built for us and the process involved in its construction. We never had any idea that we would have a house that is so beautiful! Thanks so very much.

We interviewed four contractors prior to selecting YFI Custom Homes. Interestingly enough, we each preferred a different builder after doing our homework. The faire Maddy preferred YFI Custom Homes and, as usual, she was right. Maddy contacted previous clients and one of yours insisted that Maddy come over to her house so that she could get the entire low down on you – and the low down was entirely wildly positive!

You and that great gang of guys and gals that you called upon to build our house were just awesome to work with AND you all did awesome work.

On any number of occasions, we would tell a friend that we were ~oing to Florida while our house was being built. Each time, the friend would look at us rn total horror and tell us that we should stay home – that we just HAD to stay home – so that we could keep an eye on our “contractor” and make sure that things got done right. We always replied, “We’ve got Glenn-we don’t have to worry about things being done right”. And our beautiful and so well constructed home proves we had confidence in the right guy – you!

Maddy and I MAY not be starting another new house project for at least a couple of months but rest assured that if we do – YOU ARE THE MAN!

Thanks for everything. I only look back on the “process” with total enthusiasm and shake my head at folks who say, “I would NEVER do that again”. It is obvious they did not work with Glennie!

Maddy & Brian

strive for perfection in everything. take the best that exists and make it better. if it doesn't exist, create it. accept nothing nearly right or good enough.

sir henry royceco-founder of rolls royce


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