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May 29, 2017  |   On the Boards, Partners

First Steps in a New YFI Custom Homes Project

YFI Custom Homes, in another collaboration with TMS Architects of Portsmouth, NH, has begun work on a project located on a southern New Hampshire lakeside property.

The home that was located on the property could not be salvaged as it was dated and covered with asbestos siding and had a rubble, not poured,  foundation.  After a mile-long driveway was cut into the property for access, the home was razed to make way for the new construction.  Below are images of the house prior to demolition and of the demolition process underway.

The existing home prior to demolition.
Demolition underway.

The property also had a boat house on the site that needed to be removed as well as it, too, was structurally unsound and covered with asbestos siding.

The boat house prior to demolition.

A new foundation for the new boat house is under construction.  Due to lakeside regulations, the new boat house will be built on the footprint of the old boat house.

The foundation for the new boat house currently under construction.

We will continue to post photographs of this new project as it develops.  Check out our website for other completed YFI projects.

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