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Apr 13, 2017  |   Building Trends, Inspirations

Behind the Scene at YFI Millworks

Recently, with the help of photographer Rob Karosis, we visited YFI Millworks to take some photos to update the YFI website and were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of artisan Matt Stone hard at work on some YFI projects.  As YFI owner, Glenn Farrell explains, he started YFI Millworks out of necessity in order to have a reliable source to supply the high level of finished work and cabinetry that was required for the YFI Custom Home’s projects.  Since that time, YFI Millworks  has grown into a successful separate entity with the ability to provide YFI Custom Homes’s clients with quality finished pieces for their projects.  By having this artisan shop available, YFI can deliver and control the quality of a diverse range of cabinetry and finish work as illustrated by these photographs.

Craftsman Matt Stone working with a 1942 joiner in the shop.


The hands of a true craftsman.


Expertly shaping a piece of wood for an ongoing project.


Mahogany screens being custom-made for the porch of a clients’ lake home.  A wide variety of clamps can be seen hanging in the background.

Please visit the YFI Custom Homes website to see the variety of finished projects that have been crafted in the YFI Millworks shop.



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