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Mar 28, 2017  |   Building Trends, Inspirations

Kitchen Trends 2017

Recently, Jen DeRose, Managing Editor of Maine Home + Design, contacted YFI Custom Homes for some insight into kitchen design from a builder’s perspective for The Lookbook, The Best of MH + D 2017 ; what questions do contractors ask their clients and what trends are emerging?  Glenn Farrell, owner of YFI,  said that he “felt that it was important to ask people if they actually liked to cook and use the kitchen frequently or will the kitchen be more of a show piece? The  answer to this question will take you in a completely different direction for finishes and appliances.” This focus on kitchen and kitchen designs got us thinking about what is popular in kitchen design and what elements are currently being incorporated in 2017.


  • Don’t Be Afraid of Color: Grey and white were used frequently in the past, both as cabinet, counter tops and wall colors. In 2017, bright pops of colors are appearing in some unexpected places as shown in these photographs.
This Kohler Jonathan Adler designed apron front sink in lime green would add a bright color to any kitchen! Source: HGTV

Another example of a brave color choice appears in the kitchen of a coastal Maine home built by YFI.

The yellow range hood and island cabinets provide a dramatic counterpoint to the blues in the ocean and sky. Source: Rob Karosis Photography
  • Bold Fixtures Have Great Impact:  Large and interesting light fixtures are working their way into many 2017 kitchens.  This kitchen, also a YFI project, shows how important striking light fixtures are in the overall design of this kitchen.

  • Clever Storage Solutions: More and more kitchen designers are devising clever storage solutions and  utilizing many unexpected spots for additional storage as shown in this cutlery drawer  in YFI’s Glenn Farrell’s own home.


Upper and lower sliding sections allow for serving pieces and
silverware to be stored
in the same drawer. Source: Rob Karosis Photography
  • “Marry” the Kitchen to the Style of Your Home:  As more contemporary floor plans are designed around an open concept in which the lines between individual rooms are blurred and spaces seamlessly merge into the next, it is important that the spaces coordinate with each other to form a cohesive whole.  Colors and materials should be complementary rather than jarring and meld together in a pleasing palette; each area is part of the visual whole rather than a series of disparate rooms.  This example, taken from Glenn Farrell’s personal residence, shows the relationship between the sitting room, the newly remodeled kitchen and the dining room beyond.


A comfortable relationship between the sitting area and adjoining kitchen with the brightly colored dining room pulling it all together.  Source:  Karosis Photography

Please visit our website, https://yficustomhomes.wpengine.comfor more information about our completed projects. We would love to hear from you with your kitchen ideas or trends that you have been noticing lately.




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