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Mar 14, 2018  |   Building Trends, Inspirations, News From Us

The Architecture of Life

It is wonderful to learn something new and today it was the concept of biophilic design.  The word “biophilia” literally means “love of life” and as would be expected, we as a species, have a natural affinity for natural settings over the built environment.  Biophilic design is the outcome devised by architects and builders to interject layers of natural elements in a commercial building or personal residence.

Key elements of biophilic design would include:

  • Ample use of natural light and full-spectrum artificial light.
  • Exterior views which provide a sense of connection to a wider ecosystem.
  • Water sources that can be seen, heard and touched.
  • Elements that reference nature such as plants and natural materials that mimic the outside world such as stone, wood and homemade objects.

Frank Lloyd Wright was a well-known proponent of this design technique.  His iconic project, Falling Water,  is an example of biophilic design.

Falling Water designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Source: Houzz

Green building practices and principles are certainly an aspect of biophilic design but the primary focus is more on the wellbeing of those who use the space rather than the specific products used in construction.  Therefore, hospitals, aged care facilities, work places and our homes all benefit from the introduction of biophilic design. Urban areas particularly suffer from their distance from nature.  The use of organic shapes and nature-derived color schemes can help to ameliorate the lack of a real natural environments.

A tree actually planted and growing inside the home is a striking example of combining nature and design. Source: Houzz

Architect Antony Martin of MTRN Architects’s project, Fairfield Hacienda, uses multiple sources of light, natural materials and ventilation. He comments that the cedar-clad ceiling in this residence is” the antithesis of the ubiquitous flat, white plasterboard ceiling, moving towards more environmental shapes and forms.”

In the kitchen of Fairfield Hacienda, designed by Antony Martin, incorporates a combination of natural materials and multiple light sources. Source: MRTN Architects

To learn more about biophilic design, www.biophilicdesign.net offers a a documentary film as well as an informative discussion about the elements and impact of biophilic design on our daily lives. Contact YFI Custom Homes to discuss how to incorporate these design elements in YOUR dailiy life.

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